Buffalo Springsteen

Buffalo Springsteen — John Hadden, Peter Paterno, myself, and a rotating cast of extras — was formed from the detritus of Vishnu in the early 1970s and kept alive by my friend Pete Paterno who had always wanted to be in Vishnu (and DEFINITELY would have been had he been able to sing or play a musical instrument.)  Pete went on to become a famous entertainment lawyer, to "know people," and, therefore, to be able to supply Vishnu at our VERY occasional performances with ringers including Slash, Lars Ulrich, Jon Rubin and Tommy Dunbar (Rubinoos).  With their help and the help of other lesser known musical stars from our Harvey Mudd days including astronaut Pinky Nelson, software designer Ken DeRoche, hydrologist Bill Frost, and basically anybody else who could count to four, Buffalo Springsteen has brought the worst covers of the best music of the twentieth century into the twenty-first.