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The Out-Laws of Physics

The Out-Laws of Physics (2003-2012) — Jolene Houser (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Harvey Leff (drums and backing vocals), John Jewett (electric piano and vocals), John Hadden (electric bass and vocals), and myself (electric guitar and vocals) — was a country/old-timey/classic cover band formed by faculty and staff in the Department of Physics at Cal Poly Pomona.  Our original intent was simply to get together in Harvey's dining room each week and play some music, but before long we we were playing gigs around the "Inland Empire" and beyond.  Over the course of nearly a decade we played over 80 gigs at The Press, street fairs, private engagements, campus faculty days, and to our biggest fans at the Anaheim Dutch Club (18 times!)  We ended our career with a gig at the Ontario Convention Center ... where the American Association of Physics Teachers was having its 2012 Winter Meeting.  And every penny of our gig earnings went to the Out-laws of Physics Scholarship Fund

Then our drummer moved to Portland.

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